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About Us

Highland Elkhounds is situated on 20 acres in beautiful Duluth, Minnesota. The people with Highland Elkhounds are Andrea Schokker, husband Steve Graham, and son Aidan Graham. The Highland name came from Steve’s Scottish heritage. Our facilities include an 8-dog kennel with indoor/outdoor access, air conditioning and heat, large indoor areas for each dog and large yards for exercise and “hunting varmints.” We have hiking and snowshoeing trails on our property and each of the dogs enjoys their turn as trailblazer. Our dogs are part of our family and each dog has time inside the house for individual attention, including playing with Aidan or sleeping in the bedroom. We have had an average of one litter every two years and our pups are whelped and raised in our house so they are with the family (and the associated activity and experiences that come with it).

We take great pride in having beautiful dogs with wonderful temperaments that become members of our family or your family. We’re also very involved with preserving and helping the breed. Andrea owner handles most of our dogs, but a busy job as a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth means that showing opportunities are limited. Our dogs that are shown more frequently are professionally handled by Timothy Thomas of London Kennels (who grew up showing elkhounds) – our dogs love to visit him! Tim handled our “Ty” (BIS BISS CH Highland Typhoon) to #1 Elkhound (all-breed) in 2008. We are very fortunate to be one of Tim’s clients.

We got our first show elkhound from Skye and Mary Masson (Skyemar Kennels) and have a number of dogs that we co-own. We have been working together since that time to maintain a group of quality elkhounds that we feel will be strong representatives of the breed. Beginning in 2009, our co-bred or co-owned dogs will carry the prefix SkyeHigh. Highland bred elkhounds will carry the Highland prefix.

Highland dogs live in many countries and enjoy participating in conformation, agility, obedience, rally, tracking, skijoring, therapy dog visits, and many other exciting pastimes. I hope you enjoy our website!