Winter 2002 Litter:

Ch. Snojager Step Up To Bat MX AXJ ("Vince") x Ch. Skymar's Storm Warning ("Stormy")

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Ultrasound from 12/02/02
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SEVEN puppies - 4 boys and 3 girls born 12/27/02

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Litter born on 12-27-2002

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Pups nursing

Puppy sleeping

All 7 pups on the heating pad


Well mannered puppy

Here they all are

The pups Cotton Bowl experience



Hungry again

Steve and his babies


The perfect pillow

1-15-2003 (2 weeks old)


A new perspective

Everyone likes to play

Play pals

1-18-2003 (3 weeks old)

Food tastes gooood!

Something else to chew

Finally some toys

Now i'm happy

3.5 weeks old

Daddy tastes gooood!

Eating is hard work

We are such good siblings

4 weeks old

We want to know how you got out of the box?

Now we have teeth

Being a puppy is fun

... and that is the best plan I can think of to get out of this box. Uh-oh ssssshhh here she comes.

No rest for the weary!

Is it time to eat again? And I was missing it?

Stepping on your co-workers to kiss up to the boss

We are ready for our story

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Dad:  Ch. Snojager Step Up To Bat AX OAJ "Vince" (Ch. Norgren’s Step ‘En with Pride x Ch. Vikrest Scouting for Trouble)

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Owned by Tom and Carol Slattery

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Mom (shown below): Ch. Skyemar's Storm Warning "Stormy"  (Windy Cove Icey Sierra x Ch. Skyemar's Texas Tornado)

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