Winter 2002 Litter:

Ch. Snojager Step Up To Bat MX AXJ ("Vince") x Ch. Skymar's Storm Warning ("Stormy")

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Ultrasound from 12/02/02
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SEVEN puppies - 4 boys and 3 girls born 12/27/02

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Litter born on 12-27-2002

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5 weeks old

Someone got the bad end of the deal here

Toys Toys Toys

More entertainment please.

Dreaming about what?


Red is taking it easy

A real chew toy

Now this is the way to play

Well we are out, now what?

We are sitting nicely for our story

Toy, or pillow?

Sleeping next to a new friend?

Vicarious pillow/toy usage

6 weeks old

Outside tastes goood

The rest of the house is open for you

Leaving the puppy room

Future agility champion?

More new dog smells

What kind of toy is this?

The well behaved puppy gets to stay out the longest

A new friend to play with

Unwelcome redecorators

More than one can play this game

A girl out on the town

Porter is getting tired and just trying to tolerate the puppies

Porter is tired of it

This toy is harder to share

7 weeks old

The toy basket?


Puppy position

A good lapful

The snow is deep for even big elkhounds

Small dogs need the plowhound to make a path first

Full contact play

The blizzard missed a spot

Full size elkhound - full size snowstorm

Puppies like Steve

The plowhound

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Dad:  Ch. Snojager Step Up To Bat AX OAJ "Vince" (Ch. Norgren’s Step ‘En with Pride x Ch. Vikrest Scouting for Trouble)

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Owned by Tom and Carol Slattery

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Mom (shown below): Ch. Skyemar's Storm Warning "Stormy"  (Windy Cove Icey Sierra x Ch. Skyemar's Texas Tornado)

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