Tor's offspring

1st Litter, April 2002
Dam: CH Skyemar’s Twister (“Twist”)
Breeders: Skye & Mary Masson of SkyeMar Kennels

3 boys and 3 girls

Highland Whirlwind RN CGC, “Whirly”
Skyemar’s Inherit the Wind, “Turtle”
Skyemar’s Catch the Wind, “Cat”
Skyemar’s Windstorm
Skyemar’s Northern Light Odin
Skyemar’s Race the Wind

NEAM Specialty winning photo of brood bitch entry of Skyemar's Twister, owned by Skye and Mary Masson, with pups from Tor's first litter: Skyemar's Inherit the Wind ("Turtle") and Highland Whirlwind ("Whirly"). At the first day of the 2003 NEAM Specialty, Tor won the Stud Dog class with Turtle and Whirly under judge Don Duerksen. Whirly went on to win Reserve Winner's Bitch the second day of the NEAM Specialty under Norwegian judge Nils-Erik Haagenrud.